Concrete Parging and Repair, Cambridge and Surrounding Areas ​​

masonry work in Cambridge MAParging involves the application of a coat of cement over masonry, in order to protect the foundation. Therefore, to protect the foundation of your building, you need a professional parging service. We are a premier masonry business operating in Cambridge and Greater Boston, and we provide our customers with the best parging services. We do proper parging in order to protect the foundation of your building. This is using a waterproofing barrier helping to make sure the building stays dry. Therefore, by hiring us, you do not have to worry about the quality of parging. We guarantee our customers properly completed parging with no imperfections to report.


The tough weather conditions result in parging cracks, necessitating proper repair in order to restore and improve aesthetics. To get quality parging results, you need to depend on the services of a professional parging contractor. In Cambridge, we are the right professionals with years of experience and high-level qualifications. Therefore, we provide our customers with the best solutions when it comes to parging works.  We can help to restore your home or the property to the original beauty. Of course, nothing looks worse than a spread network of paging cracks that extends to different networks. For parging maintenance solutions, come to Green St Masonry Services, the leading contractors.


Moreover, for the new parging to last for a long time, you equally have to ensure you hire a professional with experience and proper training. Come to us for properly finished new parging.


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