Chimney and Fireplaces Masonry, Cambridge MA

construction worker laying bricks for chimney projectTo beat the winter challenge, you may want to light a fire inside the living room. This is a cheaper alternative to using an electrical room heater. However, lighting a fire inside the room presents two obvious challenges. The first one is to avoid setting your house on fire. The second one is ensuring the smoke does not spill into your room. Constructing a fireplace and a chimney is the sure way to solve the two challenges. However, it depends on how well the fireplace and chimney are built.

Moreover, chimneys can weaken over the passage of time after encountering the forces of nature time and again like strong winds, snowfall, and rain. With each passing moment a household’s chimney weakens and collapse, potentially putting you and your family in grave danger of falling debris as well as chimney fires. That’s why it is important to have your chimney examined annually to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

For professional fireplace and chimney construction, call us. We are a professional masonry company, serving residential customers. We also provide renovation of fireplace and chimneys to ensure 100% efficiency. Therefore, if your chimney and fireplace require a complete makeover, we are the first class professionals for the job.​

We come with years of experience providing chimney and fireplace construction. We ensure properly insulated fireplace, hence you use less wood to keep your entire house warm. Our qualified masons also provide addition of fireplace in an exciting property. This is done professionally to ensure on completion that there is uniformity. Call us right away, for affordable masons, ensuring 100% efficiency.


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