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Masonry and Bricklaying Services - Cambridge, Boston, and Surrounding Areas

our masonry worker in Cambridge ma Are you looking for a first-class masonry contractor in Cambridge & Greater Boston? We are an award-winning masonry business serving commercial and residential customers for the past couple of decades. Rated as one of the top stone works contractors in Massachusetts, we come with years of hands-on experience. We take pride in the successful projects we have completed so far. Our top priority is to deliver the quality and service our customers deserve. At our business, a happy customer is the measure of success. As we lay the next bricklayer, we focus on achieving the project deliverable within the deadlines.

Masonry Contractors

The services that our company provides are guaranteed to last our clients and customers a number of decades. Our dedicated project managers will be closely collaborating with our customers to ensure that any project that is assigned to us will not only meet their expectations but also exceed them in flying colors. And just to be sure the quality that we promise is unhindered, we’ll put extra amount of detail and care into the work that we do.

About Our Masonry Work

We present a range of masonry services in Cambridge from either stone, brick, or concrete. Our team boasts the most highly qualified, professional, and trained masons who are driven and passionate in providing only the best quality service and products but you will find. Therefore, if you are looking for construction of a concrete driveway, stamped concrete patio, and all other stonemason works, you have come to the right place. To us, it is about the customer and delivering a perfect home for you and your loved ones.

​No matter the scope of the project, we have experienced Cambridge masons and the right masonry tools and equipment. A combination of skilled staff, understanding customer’s expectations, and the right tools, enables us to deliver within the agreed timeline. Our customers comfortably count on us for a smooth experience throughout the project and at an affordable rate.

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    Retaining Wall Builders

    For more than a decade now, we have been specializing in the design and construction of retaining walls in Cambridge. This procedure is meant to hold the banks of the earth back. They can hold back raised beds, small garden walls, as well as structures that retain embankments of motorways. Whether your intent is the prevention of landslide, to ensure hillside stabilization or creating more yard space, we have all it takes to design and construct a practical retaining wall in Cambridge​. If you would like to inquire about the retaining wall construction, just give us a call and our consultants will get back to you. We control the project from the start to completion. Therefore, call us for hassle-free blocks and retaining wall construction.

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    Stone Masonry

    We are a leading stone masons in Greater Boston Region, providing time honed craft of working with natural stones. Therefore, for beautifully built stone houses we are the best contractors in Cambridge. For several decades, we have been involved in building projects where stone is the building material. Day by day, we are committed to ensuring each job is completed to customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, with natural stone being a durable and looks better as it ages, all you need is a high-quality artisanship to achieve an outstanding structure. Do not forget that stone can be repurposed and reused on new projects.
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    Tuck Pointing

    If you own an older property, you almost assuredly need tuck-pointing. With professional tuck-pointing, you are assured that mortar between the bricks is protected from structural and water damage. As trained personnel, we are ready to provide you the best results when it comes to tuck-pointing. We will take off deteriorating mortar replacing with new and stronger concrete. Do not forget that tuck-pointing ensures your house is not vulnerable to damage or subjected to leaks. Even better, tuck-pointing improves property appearance. Call us right away for affordable tuck-pointing services in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. We serve the entire Greater Boston Region.

    Bricklayer Greater Boston Area


    ​Are you looking for local masons for hire? We are Cambridge's best brickmasons providing the best solutions to our customers. Therefore, if your project requires professional masons, we are readily available for hire. We have years of experience completing mason projects and ready to handle projects of any scope. Therefore, give us a call right away and we will deliver to your satisfaction. We use different building materials, and we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. For every project, we ensure high-quality standards providing you a strong structure.

    Restoration repair masonry project

    ​Chimneys and Fireplaces

    Chimneys and fireplaces need to be maintained especially if those places are exposed to many of nature's elements including rain, strong winds, and snow. Bricks and mortar on chimneys will deteriorate much quicker than any other part of your household. And if you don't do something about this sooner, you and your family may be exposed to severe injuries. That's why it's best for you to contact professional mason contractors like our company to perform meticulous routine checkups of your chimney to prevent such problems from ever occurring. Along with regular chimney repairs, we also provide fireplace restoration, animal guard installation, flue tile replacement, fixing leaking/waterproofing problems, installing or replacing chimney caps, or even rebuilding your chimney from scratch.

    our project of waterproofing of the foundation in Cambridge MA

    Basement Waterproofing

    Trust us to solve all your basement and foundation problems. Given the climatic conditions in the Greater Boston Region​, property owners should be concerned about waterlogging, which can affect the property. This is by weakening the foundation. Do not forget that underground water pipelines, could start leaking, and if unnoticed, you will be dealing with wet foundations. For basement waterproofing services in Cambridge, give us a call right away. We provide high-quality basement waterproofing ensuring you are no longer dealing with wet foundations. We serve commercial and residential customers around the Cambridge and Greater Boston Region.

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    Paving allows homeowners to create a uniform patio or walkway. We provide the best paving services in Cambridge and the Larger Boston Region. Therefore, if you are looking to maximize your outdoor living space with a unique paving design, we are here to make the dream come true. We help homeowners achieve the personalized outdoor look using differently colored pavers. As the top-rated paving company in Cambridge, we will create a scenic walkway ensuring a beautiful outdoor appearance for your home. We have a wide variety of hues and textures allowing us to achieve unlimited possibilities when it comes to outdoor paving services in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

    laying bricks in Cambridge MA

    Driveway Paving

    Driveway paving provides a great way for optimizing the landscaping curb appeal. This is considering that a quality driveway helps to increase property value. Do not forget that a properly paved driveway is an excellent investment. Moreover, a properly installed driveway has less or zero surface lumps and bumps, potholes, and the concrete doesn’t easily crack. Are you looking for a trusted driveway paving contractor Cambridge? You landed on the right page. We provide professional driveway paving allowing our customers to enjoy the best solutions. Therefore, if you are in need of driveway pavers near me, call us. We specialize in providing different driveway services to our customers around the Greater Boston Area.

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    Stamped Concrete

    Using the stamped concrete in paving or any construction work is a great technique to give your patio or the interior floor a new life. The stamped concrete can be used to blend with building blocks or tiles at your residence or commercial area. We provide stamping on new or existing concrete as well as vertical surfaces, hence customizing and personalizing your property. We also advise customers on how to use the stamped concrete elements in conjunction with other decorative elements including aggregate and acid straining creating a unique appearance. Call us right away for pricing on Stamped Concrete projects.

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    The number of masonry services and products and our company provides is not only aplenty but also of unparalleled quality with extreme attention to detail. Some of these services include the following:

    ·         Bricklaying
    ·         Stonemasonry
    ·         Veneer walls
    ·         Retaining walls
    ·         Foundations
    ·         Concrete and brick steps and stairs
    ·         Tuckpointing
    ·         Fireplace installation
    ·         Patio
    ·         Walkways
    ·         Driveways
    ·         Parging